Сабвуфер Earthquake MiniMe P63


Earthquake Evolved Class D amplifier
6.5″ Earthquake Xtra long-throw woofer, Dual 6.5-inch passive radiators, 500 watts pink noise power
Frequency Response: 30- 180 Hz, Standard room-correction
0-180 degree phase adjustment, 40-180 Hz frequency adjustment
Volume Control, RCA inputs, Auto on / off — Auto signal sensing circuitry
Built in 5.2V USB power port — can be used with Earthquake SWAT 2.4 or other wireless signal transmitters
Rubber stabilizing feet, High gloss piano lacquer — Black, White, Red, Yellow, Silver
Габаритные размеры(ВхШхГ): 217,5 х 210 х 220 мм